What It Takes to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

What It Takes to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

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What we have seen in magazines are now what we see through an instant scroll on our screens. What people do, what people eat, their opinions, beauty routines, day-to-day activities, etc. You’d be surprised, in this day and age, some people make money off of it.
Lifestyle Entrepreneurship is what they call it.

One may ask – what on Earth is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur decides their niche on the kind of lifestyle they live and build a brand or business that supports it. It’s different than your usual, standard entrepreneurial handbook – where business and careers come first, and people accommodate their lifestyle around it. 

Here are some quick statistics about lifestyle entrepreneurs: – 

And if you don’t know where to find them, go on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and now, TikTok. There are tons of YouTube and Facebook entrepreneurs, beauty YouTubers, and other lifestyle content creators. A lot of them even make a brand out of their skincare and beauty routines. If you want to achieve this same success, here’s what it takes to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. In Singapore there are innumerable social media influencers includes YouTubers, Instagrammers, Bloggers (Fashion, beauty, food, and more). Some of the popular names are – YoYo Cao, Christabel Chua, Benjamin Kheng, Isabel Tan, Jian Hao, Roshni Mathani, and many more. 

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1. Stand Out with Social Media Branding

As mentioned, a lot of our awareness is derived online. For a beauty marketer specifically, social media is one of the best tools to reach and attain a following. From who you follow, curating social media channels and interacting with your target audience is sure to accelerate the awareness of your own brand.

But how does one decide their personal brand? 

  • What you possess and what you want out of life?
  • Pinpoint your passions
  • Your aesthetics
  • The vibe you’d like to portray 

When you’ve decided on that, implement that into your social media. Please pay close attention to rival’s moves, what they are doing, and the types of posts they are using. Are they posting IGTV’s of their favorite restaurants? Are they posting carousel ads of their favorite clothing styles? It is what you should be doing closely, and much better than them! 

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2. Keep Your Toes on Trends

Keeping yourself on your toes to keep ahead of trends is an important strategy in attaining a lifestyle business. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur, or in this case, a beauty or female lifestyle entrepreneur – you either stay ahead of trends or you set the trend.

Just look at BlackPink’s Jennie, where she made headlines with her frosty bleached streaks hair. Soon, almost everyone around the world reached for that trend. 

The point is, even with Korean Pop or K-Pop culture, they are setting new trends and standards, and they have achieved such a great following through their styles, music, beauty, and even skincare.

However, remind yourself that your venture should stay true to yourself, despite keeping trends in mind.

3. Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Always listen to your fanbase or your customer base. Listening to customer feedback is key to building a long-lasting brand and even developing new business plans. 

Lifestyle entrepreneurs have to gage their niche brands with their customers and following to make a stamp into the beauty industry to stand out. Dedicate time into growing your business by studying the market, doing your research, and being aware of your competitors. By doing so, you’ll drive more insight into how you’re going to spread brand awareness and start conversations on how unique your brand is to keep the business momentum going. 

Ultimately, think like a consumer then create an experience. After all, your following is also what makes your brand.

You can use free tools like Buzzsumo and answerthepublic.com to survey what people are looking for online. 

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4. Make Good Collaborations

Recruitment can be tough. Getting someone from established organizations to join or collaborate with a beauty start-up can get difficult. One prominent example of this is looking at beauty YouTubers. Many lifestyle entrepreneurs collaborate with major brands who also use social media to get their brand out there. Beauty Youtuber Icon, Jackie Aina, is a great model in being a female lifestyle entrepreneur as her brand. She as a person and her business, stands out on YouTube and has gotten her some major beauty collaborators and sponsors, such as Emily Weiss’s Glossier and Pat McGrath Labs. Both are also successful female lifestyle and beauty entrepreneurs.

Always emphasize on your brand’s potential as a lifestyle entrepreneur to sell your business to great collaborators. Don’t shy away from uncertainties. Make them into opportunities!

5. Always Think Business-First

Always have a fool-proof business plan to ensure that your business in becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur is covered long-term. Get in touch with finances, learn to do administrative tasks like taxes, underestimate sales, and overestimate your costs, pricing, marketing, etc.

Instead of hiring an accountant or expensive financial advisor, consider installing systems like FreshBooks or QuickBooks to keep track of your profits, clients, brand sponsors, and more.

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6. Get Technical

Knowing how to automate, systematize, and outsource in your lifestyle entrepreneurial business is extremely important. 

Digital product delivery and tools for social media scheduling in automation, lead generation systems, sales processes, sales funnels, and finding people to outsource for your brand are important things to look into.

Familiarize yourself with these technicalities and be data-driven about growing your brand. If you want to focus 100% on the bigger picture (visiting places, trying on new brand’s products—consider outsourcing video editing work, content management work to someone else). 

7. Stay True to Your Brand

With all the trend researching, technicalities, daily implementations of what it takes to be a lifestyle entrepreneur such as vlogging, taking pictures, networking, and editing, it is easy to lose track of sight in terms of your goals authenticity in your craft. Some even lose inspiration in creating content.

Therefore, you should never lose sight of why you started your lifestyle entrepreneur brand. 

  • Who is your main target audience?
  • What are their pain points?
  • Ways to solve it through your page? 

Always stay true to your brand and not imitate or try to be someone you’re not on social media.

Step Forward

These 7 tips are what’s needed for you to take your lifestyle entrepreneur’s brand to the next level. Keep in mind to have a clear direction on what it means to live the lifestyle of such an entrepreneur—and tailor your activities and daily life to fit your brand! 

Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn Chai has been a content strategist and writer for the past 4yrs. When she is not writing, she prefers to be home, curled up listening to podcasts, or reading a book. She absolutely loves cafe hopping and all things related to food.

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Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn Chai has been a content strategist and writer for the past 4yrs. When she is not writing, she prefers to be home, curled up listening to podcasts, or reading a book. She absolutely loves cafe hopping and all things related to food.

All stories by:Jesslyn Chai

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