Are Green Bonds part of Sustainability Journey?

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Various countries are taking the lead to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The essential part of SDGs is working towards environmental sustainability. Indeed, every country and all politicians want to…

Money, Money, Money – How the Singapore Government is providing Grants to make SMEs Sustainable?

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With a nominal GDP of US$362.8 billion and the 7th highest GDP per capita rank in the world, Singapore has shown itself to be a melting pot of ideas and innovation. The government is aware…

Key Role of SMEs in being part of a Sustainable Economy of Singapore

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In an era of growing awareness and access to technology, the importance of sustainability to the economy has skyrocketed. Consumers are adamant about using products that are sustainable and convinced that they will help them…

Boiling Down to the Essentials – How Climate Change is Leaving its Mark on Singapore?

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In the last ten years or so, words like “climate change,” “global warming,” and “sustainability” have become hot topics of discussion. Worldwide climate change marches and awareness campaigns have resulted in real change as corporations, the…

Top Five Sustainable Fashion Brands of Singapore

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The third world has given a tremendous boost to the fashion industry in the past few decades, and Singapore is no exception. Institutionalized consumerism has led to the development of countless fast fashion brands that…

Zero-Waste Journey: Waste Management System in Singapore

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The Republic of Singapore discards over 700 million kilograms of plastic annually, with more than 90% that goes unrecycled into landfill. Putting this significant number into perspective, that’s enough to fill 15,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.…

Can SDGs and Singapore Startups Go Hand in Hand?

Can SDGs and Singapore Startups Go Hand in Hand?

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Is financial growth enough to weed out poverty, hunger, and inequality? Can gross domestic product alone be the barometer of success? The term Economic Development has lost much of its sheen to new concepts, among…

Green Lending – A Sustainable Finance Goal for SMEs and startups

Green Lending – A Sustainable Finance Goal for SMEs and startups

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Climate change, forest fires, and extinction of species from the world are just a few signs that mother earth needs help, and she needs it right now. While a lot of NGOs and people on an individual…

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