Top 7 Ways to Make Your Business Virus-Proof

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Businesses have been affected by harshly due to the spread of COVID-19. Everywhere you look, it may seem that your favorite store is closing down, or someone on your Facebook has been laid off from…

How to keep your Mind and Body Healthy beyond Lockdown?

1350 900 Sovina Taneja

Close to the beginning of the pandemic in January 2020, it was clear that things were about to change, but to what degree? What direction were our lives about to take no one knew? As…

What are the Environmental Impacts of Coronavirus – COVID-19?

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As the world continues to battle what the United Nations is calling a ‘global health crisis’ that has surpassed what anyone could have predicted initially, Scientists have become curious about its effects on the environment.…

Tips for Social Distancing during COVID-19 Pandemic

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  Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing at Home The Covid-19 Outbreak has undoubtedly been a difficult time. The anxiety running high and mental health feeling all-time low, there is constant panic about whether or not…

Will Global Pandemic have a greater impact on the local SMEs in Singapore?

2560 1463 Shikha Sarkar

First things first. WHO has declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. The agency has confirmed that more than 198,000 people have contracted the new disease, and at least 7,900 people across the world have lost their…

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