Cloud Computing Apps for Women Entrepreneurs to run their business

626 417 Urmi Bhattacharjee

Research worldwide has indicated that millions of women are set to start their entrepreneurship ventures by the year 2025. World Bank data suggests that currently, there are almost 450 million small businesses worldwide. Globally, women…

What is Industry 4.0, & Should an SME Care?

1280 397 Purnima Madaan

The first industrial revolution arrived in Great Britain and lasted from the mid-18th century to 1830. During this period, factories that earlier relied on cent percent manual labor migrated towards the machines. In a gist,…

New Technology Trends That Will Change Business in 2020

626 377 Purnima Madaan

Uber is a perfect example of how technology can change a business. As a concept, Uber did not do anything new. There were taxis and cabs long before Uber was invented. But what Uber did…

Latest Digital Marketing trends for Small business in 2020

Latest Digital Marketing trends for Small business in 2020

2241 1500 Shikha Sarkar

Competition has gone global, and the methods businesses have been deploying to gain market share is undergoing a radical shift. The extreme change in marketing that not only are the conventional tools got increasingly dwarfed,…

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