How SMEs can collaborate with Larger Tech Companies to combat Economic Slowdown

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Slowdown or even recession in the Singaporean economy is no more a mere bad dream. Last year’s growth rate was the slowest in a decade, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has revised its…

Singapore Budget 2020: What Can the SMEs Expect?

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Mr. Heng Swee Keat, the Finance Minister, presented the budget for the year 2020 on February 18. The effect of coronavirus on the budget was as evident as that on the current economic condition of the country.…

PROs and CONs of adopting Digital Payment over Cheque payment

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Adopting the latest tech can always be an issue. There is a consensus among experts that people resent change. Be it the change in the organizational structure of an enterprise or the way things get…

Government Role & Support in Transforming Singaporean SMEs

Government Role & Support in Transforming Singaporean SMEs

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SMEs are the central focus for transforming the Singaporean economy. With the rising opportunities, consistent economic development, and continued emphasis on productivity and innovation, the government is playing an active role in promoting SMEs.Rapid urbanization…

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