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Did you know there are 180,000 SMEs in Singapore? Did you also know 99% of the Singapore’s companies are made up of SMEs? How about this…..65% of Singapore’s workforce is employed with SMEs? Now come Now comes our favorite one….almost 50% of Singapore’s …

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Singapore is synonymous with unparalleled, inclusive growth in Asia. The city-state ranks the highest among its Asian peers in the UN Human Development Index. The underdeveloped and developing economies in its vicinity have a lot to learn and replicate …

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Human Resource

In this challenging economic context, driving productivity for SMEs is key to a good bottom line. Not just operational productivity though, but also employee productivity – this can be an easily overlooked area. SMEs are eager to embrace the waves of digital ….


Top 5 Gamechangers of 2019 – Technology & Innovation Singapore

1351 901 Sindhu Roy

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may not have the financial clout of larger organizations, but they still contribute almost S$200 Bn to Singapore’s economy, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics. What is also important to note is that they employ two-thirds of the functioning economy as well. Recognizing the critical role that SMEs play…

Best Talent Management Tips for SMEs and Startups

Best Talent Management Tips for SMEs and Startups

1280 853 Neera Gupta

Transformation across industries, driven by technology adoption and paradigm shifts in working culture, and economic challenges have made it critical for Singapore’s workforce to stay ahead of the talent curve and keep upskilled to remain competitive. Yet, both hiring and retaining quality talent remain a challenge. The Singapore Government is investing tremendous effort in ensuring…

Zero-Waste Journey: Waste Management System in Singapore

1280 884 Sovina Taneja

The Republic of Singapore discards over 700 million kilograms of plastic annually, with more than 90% that goes unrecycled into landfill. Putting this significant number into perspective, that’s enough to fill 15,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Singapore, as a sovereign island nation, has continued to focus on the symbiotic relationship between economic growth and environmental protection.…

Few tips for choosing the right bank for SMEs.

Few tips for choosing the right bank for SMEs.

2250 1500 Purnima Madaan

Banks form the backbone of the economy. They are the drivers of growth, and in an economy like Singapore, they are the initiators and leaders in several areas of innovation. For example, recent times have seen a boom in the fin-tech industry. As a result, a lot has been changing in the financial sector in…

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