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Did you know there are 180,000 SMEs in Singapore? Did you also know 99% of the Singapore’s companies are made up of SMEs? How about this…..65% of Singapore’s workforce is employed with SMEs? Now come Now comes our favorite one….almost 50% of Singapore’s …

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Singapore is synonymous with unparalleled, inclusive growth in Asia. The city-state ranks the highest among its Asian peers in the UN Human Development Index. The underdeveloped and developing economies in its vicinity have a lot to learn and replicate …

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Human Resource

In this challenging economic context, driving productivity for SMEs is key to a good bottom line. Not just operational productivity though, but also employee productivity – this can be an easily overlooked area. SMEs are eager to embrace the waves of digital ….

Top Healthy Food options for Office Employees in Singapore

Top Healthy Food options for Office Employees in Singapore

1600 1066 Ritika Agarwal

Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness…”Edward Stanley “I would like to eat healthy, but work has just been too busy for me.” That’s a common lament by most of the Singaporeans employees. Indeed, long working hours, a hectic work schedule, and…

Are Green Bonds part of Sustainability Journey?

1920 1080 Shikha Sarkar

Various countries are taking the lead to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The essential part of SDGs is working towards environmental sustainability. Indeed, every country and all politicians want to save the planet from environmental degradation. But are countries doing enough to achieve the goals set by multilateral organizations? Climate…

Is COVID-19 not just a Pandemic but a Great Life Leveler?

626 417 Purnima Madaan

With the developments in science and technology, we went too far. We decided to dominate every other species in the world. We started moving towards the moon and then mars. But, did we really go this far that the mother earth decided to revolt on her terms? A small strand of protein that isn’t even living called…

How SMEs can collaborate with Larger Tech Companies to combat Economic Slowdown

1500 1000 Shikha Sarkar

Slowdown or even recession in the Singaporean economy is no more a mere bad dream. Last year’s growth rate was the slowest in a decade, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has revised its growth forecast for the current financial year. And the fear that the economy may go into recession this year is…

Can the Combined Relief Budget for COVID-19 bail out the businesses from The VIRAL crisis?

1280 719 Purnima Madaan

On the one hand, the health workers are worried about the spread of the virus, the business owners and the experts, on the other, are concerned about the aftermaths of the pandemic. It is no more news that COVID-19 is going to fiddle with the economic conditions of all the countries in varying proportions. Some…

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