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Did you know there are 180,000 SMEs in Singapore? Did you also know 99% of the Singapore’s companies are made up of SMEs? How about this…..65% of Singapore’s workforce is employed with SMEs? Now come Now comes our favorite one….almost 50% of Singapore’s …

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Singapore is synonymous with unparalleled, inclusive growth in Asia. The city-state ranks the highest among its Asian peers in the UN Human Development Index. The underdeveloped and developing economies in its vicinity have a lot to learn and replicate …

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Human Resource

In this challenging economic context, driving productivity for SMEs is key to a good bottom line. Not just operational productivity though, but also employee productivity – this can be an easily overlooked area. SMEs are eager to embrace the waves of digital ….


Tips for Social Distancing during COVID-19 Pandemic

626 417 Sovina Taneja

  Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing at Home The Covid-19 Outbreak has undoubtedly been a difficult time. The anxiety running high and mental health feeling all-time low, there is constant panic about whether or not to check the news to see the latest updates gets circled our heads. While it’s essential to stay updated and…

Are Supermarkets an Age-Old Concept in Today’s World of Online Sales?

2250 1500 Purnima Madaan

The online sales of groceries in Singapore clock in at approximately 15% of the total sales of the country. Where do the remaining 85% of sales achieved? The brick and mortar shops and supermarkets that have been around since forever. But, does this mean that Singaporeans do not like to live as digitally as the country’s government…

How Can Women get Back to Workforce?

626 417 Shikha Sarkar

With a world that is slowly inching toward gender equality, women representation in the workplace has seen a significant rise. Pew Research Center estimated that as of today, women make up more than 40 percent of the workforce in 80 countries. Yet a staggering 60-70 percent of women who quit their long-standing careers never return…

Become Your Own Boss – Why more Women are giving up Corporate Life to become Entrepreneurs

626 539 Purnima Madaan

As per research, the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S.A. increased by 114% in the last 20 years, by 3000% since 1972. While this is an astounding number, but the reason behind the jump is not so impressive. A report published in 2017 coined an interesting term to describe the reason why women prefer the life of an entrepreneur…

What are the Environmental Impacts of Coronavirus – COVID-19?

1280 849 Sovina Taneja

As the world continues to battle what the United Nations is calling a ‘global health crisis’ that has surpassed what anyone could have predicted initially, Scientists have become curious about its effects on the environment. We know that the novel coronavirus has done a world tour, hitting some harder than others. Apart from its apparent…

Women Entrepreneurship in Singapore: The Present, The Future, and The Policies

2560 948 Purnima Madaan

Like the rest of Asia, the women in Singapore face a social stigma that doesn’t seem to go away. They are expected to stay indoors and nurture families. However, the expectation goes against the scenarios when a family faces a vulnerable and unpredictable world.  Thankfully, the social stigma doesn’t stop the women from working and…

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