Top Healthy Food options for Office Employees in Singapore

Top Healthy Food options for Office Employees in Singapore

Top Healthy Food options for Office Employees in Singapore

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Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness…”

Edward Stanley

I would like to eat healthy, but work has just been too busy for me.” That’s a common lament by most of the Singaporeans employees. Indeed, long working hours, a hectic work schedule, and rush to meet deadlines are common in Singapore, with its reputation as one of the most competitive countries globally.

Healthy employees provide companies with a wide array of benefits. They tend to be more productive, less stressed, and no absenteeism.

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and this saying might be especially true in the workplace. If you want your employees to feel energized, focused, and productive, you’ll want them eating a nutritious, balanced diet that supplies them with the nourishment their bodies need to succeed.

A big reason behind restlessness, fatigue, and irritability throughout the day is a poor diet intake. Most of us have experienced the rush of meeting deadlines with demand from offices, Due to a tiring schedule most of the working professionals neglect the importance of a healthy diet plan. Our diet includes less of fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk and more of carbs, sugars, and lower-energy giving food.

Wrong eating habits have led to Diabetes in Singapore. Unhealthy eating is also associated with other major health risks that can cause severe illness. These include heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer. By opting for healthy and right food choices, you can help defend yourself from these health problems. It’s definitely easier said than done but as we all know Health is Wealth and we all need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some food tips we can easily incorporate in our lives on a daily basis:

  • Include at least one Dark Green and one Orange vegetable in your diet plan.
  • Choose Homemade food over processed food as it contains more sugar, salt and added fat.
  • Have fruits and vegetables more often than juices as it has more fiber.
  • Hydrate yourself daily with 2lts of water.
  • Replace Meat with a high protein food like beans, lentils, eggs, etc.
  • Include fish in your diet.
  • Have low-fat milk and yogurt.

As with physical activity, making some small changes in your diet can go a long way.  Thus, healthy bingeing during office hours is not as much of a Herculean mission as it seems. It is simply a combination of switching to the right diet and self-control. So whether you on the way to work, in-between meetings or long hours at work, opt for the following things.


ON WAY TO WORKHealthy Smoothie **
Instant Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries,
Shredded Coconut, Cinnamon
with some Berries
Chia Seeds Pudding with fresh Fruits **
Bowl of Salad with Homemade Dressing
Cold Press 100% Fresh Juices
Whole Grain Cereal Bars
Mixed Nuts
Cookies / Cakes
White Bread Sandwiches
Fried Food
Canned Drinks
OFFICE VENDING MACHINESCold Press 100% Fresh Juices
Water / Low-fat Milk/ Low-fat Yogurt
Healthy Protein Bar
Fresh Packed Salads
Whole Grain Bread Sandwich
Canned Juices
Chocolate Bars
Carbonated Drinks
DURING MEETINGSMixed Fresh Fruits – Dragon Fruit, Berries, Melon. Kiwi
Water / Green Tea
Low-Fat Yogurt
Whole Grain Cereal Bars
Nuts & Dried Fruits
Tea / Coffee
Muffins / Donuts
Packed / Processed food
LONG HOURSQuinoa Salad
Avocado Sandwich with Fresh Juice
Healthy Chicken/ Tuna/ Egg Wraps
Grilled Chicken with sautéed Veggies
Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetables) / Super Bowl**
Sushi Rolls
Hog Dog
Fast Food – Pizza / Burger
Packed / Processed Food
Tea/ Coffee

Healthy Breakfast recipes for Singapore - smequest

Here are some of the recipes we would like to share with you. Which are quick to make, Super healthy and keeps you going during your hectic work hours.

My Favourite!!!! Kale, Spinach and Avocado Green Smoothie

Smoothies are extra nutritious, boosts brainpower and boost memory, easy to prepare and carry. When you combine these two together and mix it up with avocado and fresh fruit, chances are you will end up with a super nutritious and very green looking smoothie. This particular kale, spinach, and avocado green smoothie recipe is one of the classics that people like prepare quite often whenever they need a healthy energy boost!

Healthy fun fact: Kale, spinach, and avocado have loads of nutrients and are high in protein. Therefore a great option for breakfast or a snack. 

Source: Google

Healthy Chia Seeds Pudding with Blueberry, Strawberry, and a dash of Honey.

 Heathy drink singaporeIf your sweet tooth dominates you, then this energy-packed breakfast is made for you. Made from healthier subs like Chia Seeds soaked overnight in almond milk with a dash of honey, add your favorite fruits like blueberry, strawberry, figs, mango, etc.

Healthy fun fact: Chia Seeds is a superfood and are packed with nutrients. Helps in balancing the blood sugar level, improves digestion and eases anxiety. The fiber content in blueberries helps reduces cholesterol in your blood – decreasing the risk of heart disease! 

Source: Google

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Quinoa Salad Bowl

Quinoa Salad Bowl

This nutritious, healthy Super Bowl is contained Quinoa with Crispy Kale, Grilled Miso Eggplant, Roasted Shimeji, Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Torched Buttered Corn and Rosemary Grilled Chicken. The bowl is high in fiber and contains immunity-boosting properties. Try making it on Sunday for a hearty lunch and carry leftovers to work the next day.

Healthy fun fact: Quinoa is full of antioxidants and minerals, providing more nutrients than many common grains.

Source: Atlas CoffeeHouse

To sum it up, for an organization to run efficiently as much as employee’s knowledge and skills are required, a healthy mind and body are equally important to optimize their productivity and capabilities. Question is with healthy eating habits how important is fitness. Read our next blog on fitness regime at your desk.  


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