How to use YouTube for business?

How to use YouTube for business?

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As the saying goes for the lives we live in our present-day climate – “you’re one click away from changing your life.” Social media has reigned the masses by storm with all that it has to offer. Many use it to connect. Some create platforms for art and entertainment, while others create businesses.

YouTube is a perfect example of that.

Over 500 hours of data are uploaded on YouTube every minute, recognizing the “life-changing” power that this platform has. And that’s not all:

YouTube has become quite the manifesto it claimed to reach out to people, evidently growing one’s businesses. Viewers, subscribers, and likes – all of this play into the exposure you would want to grow your own personal brand. This sort of exposure will not only gain you the connections you need into getting yourself out there, but it also gets you the PRs and advertisements that will get your business out to the norm. As per unboxsocial here are 12 tips to stepup your YouTube promotion strategy. 

Source: unboxsocial

The following information discusses the common online strategies that teach you how to start a YouTube channel for business:

Define a proper YouTube strategy 

Small businesses need to start personalizing their brand to build rapport with their audience. 

Using YouTube videos to introduce your company’s leaders or business, while positioning them to be the spokespeople in your videos, is an effective strategy. Some company spokespeople even reach their celebrity status by starring in their own YouTube videos to promote themselves, products, and companies.

One way to do this is to set a reasonable goal when you’re figuring out how to kickstart a YouTube channel for your business. Do you want to achieve more awareness for your brand? If that’s so, what form of marketing will you carry out? Will you launch sponsored ads or keep things organic? 

The great way to do this is by creating a few videos and then use that to analyze your views, subscribers, and likes. That way–you can see what’s working and what the market wants from your channel. 

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Finalize Intended Metrics

Creating YouTube videos is always fun for entrepreneurs, but you should also be aware of your results. An effective thumb rule is to keep performing regular analysis every week when you’re figuring out how to increase YouTube subscribers in 2020. 

Here are some important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can follow! 

  • Views/Likes per Video: The encouraging info is that you don’t need any additional resources or tools for this. All you need is to hop onto YouTube’s dashboard to see which videos have performed better. It’s necessary to do this step, as you need to gauge viewers’ response to your video.
    • Do they prefer watching your how-to videos?
    • Do they prefer watching you interact with them on camera?

If you want to go more in-depth with your analysis on starting a YouTube channel for a business, consider preparing a simple document. This permits you to keep track of what types of topics and video categories get the most views, so you always have reliable data to drive more content ideas

  • Audience Demographic : YouTube’s dashboard has another handy feature -narrowing down your target audiences. Here, you’ll be able to see what your audiences’ ages are, their geographic location, and even gender. From that point onwards, you can tailor your content to these groups of people for higher engagement. 

Investigate the Proper Keywords

You may know various ways of content to create. But how do you get your message out to the right viewers? Well, that’s done with the right keywords. Some entrepreneurs, content marketers, and even YouTubers are very concerned with just publishing content, but they overlook the importance of keyword research. When it comes to YouTube, you need to know what people are searching for in that search bar. For example, you’re an entrepreneur selling beauty products. Instead of just writing beauty product review in your video’s description, it could be something like what’s the best skincare wash in 2020 or something similar.

One tool you can use is the AdWords Display Planner for your keyword research. Another good rule of thumb is to always write your descriptions as if you’re asking a simple question. What is the best X to choose?” or How to use the X product?” is the fastest way to optimize your YouTube channel for more traffic, views, and subscribers!

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Create Videos that are Optimized for YouTube

Your videos should be created to engage and educate, not to be boring! However, do keep in mind that consumers are already bombarded with blatant advertising in their everyday lives. The last thing people who use YouTube need is more of that from your products or services.

You should also be creating YouTube videos that are optimized for the platform. Keep all video lengths from 15 minutes to a maximum of about half an hour. Shoot all videos in high-quality resolution, and make sure all your videos are set on public!

If you need a rough guide, here’s a list of some of the most popular YouTube video formats:

  • How-To Videos: Content marketing should add value – this holds true for video marketing anywhere else. No matter the industry your brand is in, instructional videos add value by teaching your audience something, especially with the expertise you hold that would be of your audience’s interest. Be an industry leader and a household name by promoting thoughtful content that entertains and educates.
  • Product Videos: Product videos inspire your audience to better understand your product, getting them to realize just how valuable it is. Building a strong narrative that explains how your product is developed and giving a backstory that resonates connection is sure to add value to your craft. Also, emphasizing how your product can add value to people’s lives will create and hype some buzz that would orient your product towards success.

Pretty sure that there’s a lot that went into getting your product out there – so why not show it off?

  • Corporate Videos: Corporate videos are a great way of introducing your business to the business spectrum’s corporate side, explaining your brand, and engaging with potential recruits, investors, and clients. Use corporate videos on your website’s front page or pin it on the top page of your social networks, even on LinkedIn, to appeal to your potential clients – get them to see what makes you special! A more modern way of corporate videos can also be one that showcases the fun, young culture of your own work office! It’s a fun yet personal outlook that can show your viewers the real humans of your business.

The video What’s It Like To Work At Google is an example of an amazing corporate culture video done right. 

Source: Google
  • Explainer Animation Videos: Incorporating visual aids to learning can be exceptionally helpful in having complex ideas expressed effortlessly. Graphic representation gives light to well-expressed animations that simplify complex ideas, which can be a great instrument in the video marketing strategy. If you’re having an unforgiving time trying to convey an idea in your brand or product – get them to come to life through animation.

A great example of explainer animation videos is whiteboard videos that can be created with a tool like Animaker or Explee

  • App Videos: In our world now, where apps live and die by its visibility, an app video ensures your app gets out to the public. Google Play and the App Store are exceptionally competitive markets, so much so that near-identical products vie for supremacy.

An App Video shows your product’s true functionality and/or service, giving people the reassurance they need before they click “download,” therefore putting you up on a pedestal in terms of rankings.

  • Website Videos: Learning involves repetition, and so does exposure!
    Having auto-playing videos featured on every page of your website captures people’s attention as they learn more about your brand and have it manifest in their heads. The longer someone stays on your website, the higher the probability of converting them into a sale – leading to big returns for your business.

Website videos can be short (within 30 – 45 seconds) just aimed at showing your visitors your product/service, how it benefits them, and including a strong Call-To-Action.

  • Testimonial Videos: Everybody loves a good review, especially if it is a product they are invested in. Converting potential customers into actual ones with great reviews and great smiles in testimonial videos speaks volumes, amplifying the voice of your brand. Testimonials allow the platform to showcase trusted voices, which your customers can relate to as they sing your praises. This is often the last thing a customer needs to hear before they seal the deal in buying your product.

    You can use some of these best YouTube marketing strategies 2020 to place on other sites like Instagram, Facebook, and more to get your engagement up. 

Interact with Your Audience

As long as you have a YouTube channel, you need to engage with as many viewers as possible. Gone are the days when you would just publish content and hope it goes viral. Right now, the YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and business owners that are most remembered are the ones that frequently engage in discussions with their audience members. 

So to get truly viral, you need to:

  • Reply to comments on your video with added value.
  • Keep subscribing to other YouTube channels and leave comments on their page.
  • Ask viewers what they would want to see in their next video. This is a tactic that YouTubers often do, and it becomes a big hit because viewers unquestionably believe that they are in control of the content! 
  • Launch giveaways and campaigns that reward viewers. If you’re just starting out with a YouTube channel, this is a great way to get your subscriber count up. You can even do a “$100 giveaway for each 1,000 like” or something like that–and drive more people to support your videos. 

Launching Paid Sponsorships 

Many entrepreneurs and business owners who launch a YouTube channel are interested in collaborating with influencers to grow their page. After all, paid sponsorships are one of the best YouTube marketing strategies in 2020.  

However, they often mistake going after the big influencers–ones with 50-100k subscribers and above. Because of that, they either get no response from these influencers at all, or they get mediocre results and wasted reach. Wasted reach refers to the people who were targeted by these influencers, but we’re totally not the target audience intended. The right approach to make sure this never happens is by starting small! Reach out to micro-influencers who cater to a specific audience. 

For example, if you’re promoting a face wash, don’t just reach out to any beauty influencer. Communicate with an influencer who has a problem like acne or dry skin–a problem that your wash solves! When you do that, your message becomes more powerful and targeted to the right people. 

YouTube has gained its reputation in being entertaining, informative, radical, and, at times, comforting to many. 

Engaging with viewers by producing great video content can be fun while being a lucrative tool for your business. It also holds space for connection with anyone who resonates with your story. 

Trying to appeal to everyone, and you’ll appeal to no one – that’s why it is important to stay true to your product/brand. With that said, video marketing is our future. Get in tune with it while you can with the best YouTube marketing strategies 2020! 

Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn Chai has been a content strategist and writer for the past 4yrs. When she is not writing, she prefers to be home, curled up listening to podcasts, or reading a book. She absolutely loves cafe hopping and all things related to food.

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Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn Chai has been a content strategist and writer for the past 4yrs. When she is not writing, she prefers to be home, curled up listening to podcasts, or reading a book. She absolutely loves cafe hopping and all things related to food.

All stories by:Jesslyn Chai

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