Top 6 CBD Eateries Lunch Spots in Singapore

Top 6 CBD Eateries Lunch Spots in Singapore

Top 6 CBD Eateries Lunch Spots in Singapore

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Concepts of healthy eating and wellness are growing rapidly in Singapore. Driven by a country-wide campaign against diabetes, whose prevalence in Singapore is one of the highest amongst developed nations, selection of healthier food products has gone up, and dietary habits are gradually improving amongst the population. Singapore diets now consist of more wholegrain, fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats, and better-quality carbohydrates.

Given lunches are mostly eaten outside of homes in Singapore – yes, 66% of Singaporeans consume lunch out of their homes, several options to attract hungry office goers to eat delicious, balanced meals during lunch have mushroomed in the CBD. Little time, small kitchens and an opportunity to bond with your colleagues and friends may be some of the few reasons you don’t bring a nutritious, home-cooked meal to the office for lunch, but that does not mean you have to give up on healthy eating just yet!

For those of you looking for a quick and healthy meal – both sit down or to go, here are our Top 6 go-to lunch spots for you to give a try.

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Their menu is ideal for a quick pack and go.  Choose from your bases, proteins, toppings, dressings and some neat, healthy drinks to go.

And what really gets me is that they change their menu every three months, aligning with the seasons…which are quite non-existent in Singapore, but that is the best bit – it reminds you of the last holiday you took in your favourite season of the year, giving you a good few moments of break from the hectic work schedule.

The Daily Cut has served us quite a few happy memories and moments of joy feasting on food that reminds us of quick vacations. I very much enjoyed their Sichuan eggplant, tofu and ginger wafu dressing! At prices starting at $9.90, they offer great value for money with portion sizing and filling up hunger pangs!

Locations: Marina Bay, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar

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Source: The Daily Cut

Salad Stop - SMEQuest

SaladStop has an elaborate menu to choose your wrap or salad from. Although they also have the ‘choose your base and toppings’ selection popping up around town, they offer wonderful suggestions for salads and wraps on days you’re quite the confused or dazed worker. I recommend the Chihuahua – it has a nice and spicy Mexican kick to the rocket leaves, with a dash of mozzarella for added flavor to my salad. For the vegetarian and vegan consumers, they have also recently added Impossible meats to their menu! 

Fresh, high-quality ingredients at affordable pricing. A generous portion of their salad will set you back about $10-12, depending on premium selections. Must check out! 

Click here for SaladStop Locations

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Source: Caterspot

The Soup Spoon

This old-timer is an all-time favorite. Specializing in soups, they also have the occasional wrap on their menu. Chef specials rotate frequently and are indeed exciting. Recently, Bhutanese-inspired flavors are being showcased. The Soup Spoon is perfect for the rainy afternoon lunch break – make sure you go a bit earlier and grab a seat to enjoy your soup over a catchup with a mate or your book in tow. Don’t forget to ask for bread on the side to dip that soup. An average price for their various set meals, including a large soup – which are highly recommended for their value for money and come with delicious iced lemon tea and a selection of sides – is about $12.

Location: Marina Bay, Orchard, Raffles Place, Suntec City, Tanjong Pagar, Bugis and more. 

Healthy Soup Singapore
Source: The Soup Spoon

Sandwich Shop singapore

For all you ex-Londoners, Sandwich Shop is the closest to Pret-a-Manger in Singapore you can find outside Changi Airport Terminal 3. They have some delicious soups to go and some delightful wraps. A bit steep on the pocket and no reward or loyalty programmes in tow, this one is best kept for the days you feel like a treat after a hard week’s of work. Try the falafel wrap and quinoa hot pot for lunch. Soup hot pots are a filling meal in itself and start at $7, and the cute salads cost about $4.50. Their quinoa hot pot is yummy, cheesy and wholesome, with just the right amount of jalapenos for an extra kick of spice.

Location: One Raffles Link, Collyer Quay, Hansapoint, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina One, One Phillip Street and more.

Healthy Sandwich shop singapore
Source: TSS

A poke theory singapore

A salmon lover’s paradise, A Poke Theory, is one of the fast-growing Hawaiian poke bowl lunch places in Singapore. For the non-pescetarians and vegetarians, their avocado replacement to the salmon options is delicious. At $9.90, their petite bowls with quinoa as a base, avocado, and plenty of add ons such as pineapple, seaweed, carrots, tomatoes, and a variety of dressing to boot quite filling and value for money. Highly recommend the shoyu with a dash of wasabi!

Location: Telok Ayer, Marina One, Somerset, Novena, Bugis, and Kent Ridge

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Source: A Poke Theory

Cedele singapore

Cedele has been on the scene for a while now. It is our go-to on days that comfort food is the answer to finding our way back to cheeriness. With a brilliant selection of wraps, sandwiches (they bake their own bread – and what a range of options indeed – spinach, pumpkin, and beetroot breads!) and soups, Cedele has our heart. We highly recommend the curry pumpkin soup – just the perfect dash of spice to liven up your day. They also have an extensive selection of veggie sandwiches with innovative patties that give Impossible foods a run for their money; try the beetroot patty and the quinoa mushroom patty.

At $11.90, Cedele offers a regular sandwich/wrap and small soup set of your choice – very affordable for the quantity indeed. And if you have been working out all week and done your 10,000 steps for the day, why not treat yourself to a small slice of trans fat-free chocolate cake made with 70% cocoa. Sounds about right!

Click here for location

Eat well, Be well singapore
Source: Cedele

Office delivery, anyone?

Finally, …for those who can’t see daylight during lunch, fret not. Deliveroo, Food Panda, and Grab Eats provide food delivery options for most of these places. Order away on your phone, so you do not miss out! After Uber said its goodbye to Singapore, these two apps have ramped up its food delivery platform and capabilities, and are quite the darlings of office goers that cannot get away from their desks. Food Panda, Grab Eats, and Deliveroo also frequently run offers and rewards. Taking it a notch higher, all three services – Food Panda, Deliveroo, and Grab Eats have launched a monthly subscription service in combination with their loyalty programs – this leads to plenty of savings if you are a frequent user of food delivery services. With wholesome food delivered to your workspace doorstep, it is definitely worth a try! 

Dear Employers…listen up, please! 

As an employee benefit, your business could invest in a monthly subscription for its employees that is shared amongst everyone and maintained by administrative staff. On busy days and lunch meetings, employees will definitely appreciate a gesture where lunch is ordered, also working to foster a company culture of togetherness, support, and appreciation for employee wellness. And when there is definitely some time to step out, bi-monthly team lunches over a healthy meal are a great idea! You could even run a health and wellness challenge where employees can sign up for a juice cleanse or a healthy eating week of only salads and protein bowls – working towards it together helps achieve both personal goals and foster a community of positive progress towards health and wellness – a key component of productivity and employee well being. 

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