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How to tackle the Covid-19 Outbreak – Do’s & Don’ts

626 352 Sovina Taneja

Singapore is believed to have tackled the global Covid-19 pandemic in quite an efficient manner – with just two deaths and a fairly low infection rate. The nation was prepared well before the onset of…

How SMEs Must Prepare Themselves If COVID-19 Continues For a While

626 417 Shikha Sarkar

These are unprecedented times. And when we say ‘unprecedented,’ it is true. Neither the city-state of Singapore nor the global community has seen something like the COVID-19 outbreak in at least decades. Indeed, there was…

Will Global Pandemic have a greater impact on the local SMEs in Singapore?

2560 1463 Shikha Sarkar

First things first. WHO has declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. The agency has confirmed that more than 198,000 people have contracted the new disease, and at least 7,900 people across the world have lost their…

Top Five Sustainable Fashion Brands of Singapore

2250 1500 Sovina Taneja

The third world has given a tremendous boost to the fashion industry in the past few decades, and Singapore is no exception. Institutionalized consumerism has led to the development of countless fast fashion brands that…

What Should SMEs do Amid Covid-19 Outbreak?

1280 853 Purnima Madaan

What initially looked like a simple flu outbreak in China has quickly spread to the rest of the world, creating a state of fear, confusion, and despair. Being close to China, Singapore has been profoundly…

5 Sustainable Business Strategies Singapore SMEs need to Adopt – and Fast

2252 1500 Sovina Taneja

What is a Sustainable Business Strategy? Sustainability is one of the most wide-spread topics of discussion in the world today. Everyone wants to be a part of the movement that leads us to a better…

Will Gender Pay Gap Ever End in Singapore?

Will Gender Pay Gap Ever End in Singapore?

1200 800 Purnima Madaan

In the middle of January ‘20, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore released a report concerning the gender pay gap in the country. While the report stated that the gender pay gap has increased…

Top 5 Gamechangers of 2019 – Technology & Innovation Singapore

1351 901 Sindhu Roy

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may not have the financial clout of larger organizations, but they still contribute almost S$200 Bn to Singapore’s economy, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics. What is also important…

Zero-Waste Journey: Waste Management System in Singapore

1280 884 Sovina Taneja

The Republic of Singapore discards over 700 million kilograms of plastic annually, with more than 90% that goes unrecycled into landfill. Putting this significant number into perspective, that’s enough to fill 15,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.…

Can SDGs and Singapore Startups Go Hand in Hand?

Can SDGs and Singapore Startups Go Hand in Hand?

2520 1418 Neera Gupta

Is financial growth enough to weed out poverty, hunger, and inequality? Can gross domestic product alone be the barometer of success? The term Economic Development has lost much of its sheen to new concepts, among…

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