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Role of Financial Literacy in becoming a Successful Women Entrepreneur

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Women entrepreneurs are more passionate about their work and ambition as compared to their male counterparts. Women are better leaders because of their emotional stability, and women can juggle between more variety of tasks than…

Top 7 Payment Gateway Options for SMEs in Singapore

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The world is, indeed, going digital. E-commerce is now the king, and any enterprise, big or small, cannot escape this change. More and more consumers prefer to hit the buttons of their computers and smartphones…

Are Green Bonds part of Sustainability Journey?

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Various countries are taking the lead to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The essential part of SDGs is working towards environmental sustainability. Indeed, every country and all politicians want to…

Money, Money, Money – How the Singapore Government is providing Grants to make SMEs Sustainable?

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With a nominal GDP of US$362.8 billion and the 7th highest GDP per capita rank in the world, Singapore has shown itself to be a melting pot of ideas and innovation. The government is aware…

Top 5 Corporate Cards for SMEs & Startups in Singapore 2020

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Irrespective of the size of the business, it is essential to keep the personal and professional expenses separate. Business expenses can be huge, and if a business owner is making those expenses on his or…

Digital Banking in Singapore – Quixotic or Illusion for SMEs

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Digital Banking in Singapore – Access to capital markets; it’s the one condition which Singaporean SMEs have come to rely heavily on. During the recent US-China trade-war crisis, the country suffered a significant loss in terms…

PROs and CONs of adopting Digital Payment over Cheque payment

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Adopting the latest tech can always be an issue. There is a consensus among experts that people resent change. Be it the change in the organizational structure of an enterprise or the way things get…

Five ways FinTech Solutions Are Helping SMEs

Five ways FinTech Solutions Are Helping SMEs

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Fintech solutions’ roots get traced back to the late 19th century. Since then, this industry has grown up. The previous decade observed a rapid growth in Fintech solutions. The trend is likely to be followed…

Few tips for choosing the right bank for SMEs.

Few tips for choosing the right bank for SMEs.

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Banks form the backbone of the economy. They are the drivers of growth, and in an economy like Singapore, they are the initiators and leaders in several areas of innovation. For example, recent times have…

Green Lending – A Sustainable Finance Goal for SMEs and startups

Green Lending – A Sustainable Finance Goal for SMEs and startups

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Climate change, forest fires, and extinction of species from the world are just a few signs that mother earth needs help, and she needs it right now. While a lot of NGOs and people on an individual…