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Urmi Bhattacharjee

Urmi Bhattacharjee

Urmi Bhattacharjee is a journalist and media strategist. She is a former TV reporter with a popular Media House in India and a Red Ink awardee. She is a former fellow of the prestigious US exchange program IVLP and is passionate about environmental causes. Urmi is also a trained Kathak dancer and swears by yoga for best mind and body fitness.

The Present & Future of Women in AI

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Tech-disruption and digital transformation today, has forced the world to reimagine the future of work. Almost all industries ranging from computer sciences to e-commerce, health, and education are soon slated to face tech-disruption. Tech-enabled systems,…

5 Traits A Good Leader Shouldn’t Have

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In the rapidly changing times of today, leadership styles too are transforming. The 20th century has seen more autocratic leadership styles where a single person controls and decides for the organization. This Authoritarian Leadership style…

Cloud Computing Apps for Women Entrepreneurs to run their business

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Research worldwide has indicated that millions of women are set to start their entrepreneurship ventures by the year 2025. World Bank data suggests that currently, there are almost 450 million small businesses worldwide. Globally, women…

Role of Mentorship & Community Support to Build Women Entrepreneurs Business

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Globally women are scaling up at rates proportionately higher than men in entrepreneurship, especially in the developing countries. On the other hand, many women-led ventures fail due to a lack of support and gender biases…

Is Women Empowerment Reality or Myth?

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The very idea of women empowerment or the lack of it thereof is a repercussion of centuries-old patriarchy that suppressed women as secondary sex, barring them from social, political, and economic inclusion.  It gained momentum…

Women & STEM – Closing the Gender Gap

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Gender representation of women in the workplace has always been skewed. History has been a witness. And the representation of women in traditionally male-dominated STEM fields, i.e., Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering, is no different.…

Common Mistakes made by Women-led Organizations

626 417 Urmi Bhattacharjee

Women entrepreneurship worldwide has gained momentum in the 21st century —thanks to feminism and reformism. Women all across the globe are veering toward entrepreneurship in increasing numbers, be it the knack of business or the…

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