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Chatbot Startups that Fortune 500 Companies have an Eye on!

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New technologies have transformed how modern businesses work since the inception of Information Technology (IT) systems. Several advanced chatbot startups have helped the technology progress, building revolutionary chatbot systems that will help steer the industry…

Digital Transformation Competition among Singapore SMEs – A Study

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Digital Transformation – Out of the 55% small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore who’d like to have their business go global, only a quarter (25.4%) of them are going to pursue any credible business transformation…

Is Gamification In Education Best Way For Child’s Learning

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‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ This proverb makes immense sense in today’s world where parents and teachers are obsessed with how the child fares in exams. Are grades high enough?…

Top 3 Factors That Will Have Positive Impact On SMEs Growth In 2020

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Every business, small or large, aims at maximizing revenues. And at the same time, boosting profits by reducing the cost of production remains the top priority for management. The Singaporean economy is dominated by small…

Top 8 Steps to create stunning Instagram stories for your Business

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Singapore and its SMEs are fully aware of the significance of marketing to stay ahead of others. And it’s not just marketing, let’s call it ‘prudent marketing’ given that current marketing plans are fast losing…

Challenges And Opportunities For SMEs In 2020

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The Singaporean economy in 2019 grew at its slowest pace in 10 years did not come as a surprise to businesses of the city-state, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The signs were all there,…

PROs and CONs of adopting Digital Payment over Cheque payment

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Adopting the latest tech can always be an issue. There is a consensus among experts that people resent change. Be it the change in the organizational structure of an enterprise or the way things get…

Enhancing a Healthy Work-Life Balance for SMEs Employees

Enhancing a Healthy Work-Life Balance for SMEs Employees

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There’s something that is making news lately, and it’s about lesser time spent by employees in their office. Microsoft Japan implemented what they call ‘4-day work week’, and the results are shocking, but at the…

More SMEs Sketching Their Growth to the Next Level Through Business Excellence Initiatives

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For any business to stay relevant in the long-term, continuous development of personnel and processes is a must. It is a growing concern; however, it cannot mean that the matter can go on in the…

Inspiring Success stories & Lessons from Top Singapore Startups

Inspiring Success stories & Lessons from Top Singapore Startups

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Success is always desired and is equally hard-earned. Global markets have already matured enough, and almost every economy is running on the principles of free-market and unhindered competition. Gone are the days when only domestic…

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