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Sindhu Roy

Sindhu Roy

Sindhu Venugopal-Roy is a content specialist with over 15 years in e-learning (instructional design) experience across global organizations like Accenture and Tata Interactive Systems, and content writing across a range of media. As a Founding Partner, she heads S&A Bespoke, a content and learning company, in Bangalore. She is a professional photographer as well, with a passion for dance.

Top Five Valuable Singapore Brands of 2019

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Singapore’s growing economic clout get reflected by the fact that the combined value of the top 100 Singaporean brands increased 18%, from an evaluation of US$45.0 billion to US$53.3 billion. The top ten most valuable…

Top 5 Gamechangers of 2019 – Technology & Innovation Singapore

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may not have the financial clout of larger organizations, but they still contribute almost S$200 Bn to Singapore’s economy, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics. What is also important…

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