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Shikha Sarkar

Shikha Sarkar

Shikha Sarkar, Director of Kit Kat Events & Marketing has more than 16 years of experience in international sales and marketing, and strong entrepreneurial skills, in-depth understanding of business, markets and customer needs. As the Ambassador of InterNations, a global expat network, Shikha supports a community of over 65,000 expats from 200 different countries living in Singapore. She loves adventure travel and wildlife photography.

Digital Banking in Singapore – Quixotic or Illusion for SMEs

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Digital Banking in Singapore – Access to capital markets; it’s the one condition which Singaporean SMEs have come to rely heavily on. During the recent US-China trade-war crisis, the country suffered a significant loss in terms…

How SMEs Must Prepare Themselves If COVID-19 Continues For a While

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These are unprecedented times. And when we say ‘unprecedented,’ it is true. Neither the city-state of Singapore nor the global community has seen something like the COVID-19 outbreak in at least decades. Indeed, there was…

Will Global Pandemic have a greater impact on the local SMEs in Singapore?

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First things first. WHO has declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. The agency has confirmed that more than 198,000 people have contracted the new disease, and at least 7,900 people across the world have lost their…

Shift In Consumer Preferences Including Online Shopping

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Starting a business may not be a big deal. The city-state of Singapore is well aware of how to cater to the needs of young entrepreneurs that have great business ideas. Some hard work, a…

Growth and Opportunities of Singapore Edtech Market

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Technology is disrupting every sector, and digitization of most services is a reality. Ordering goods online or booking table in a restaurant by a tap on one’s mobile has become so common that the pace…

Journey of Jack Ma – A Force To Reckon With!

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Not hailing from the West and still making it big in the international startup scene is no mean feat. And then emerging as a winner over many other contenders from the developed economies of the…

Elon Musk’s Journey Truly Differentiates Entrepreneur From Owner – Which One Are You?

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There’s a difference, and one cannot utter the words founder, owner, businessperson, and entrepreneur in the same breath. Why do we say this? That’s because every person who runs a business – small or large…

Impact On Singapore Business amid Coronavirus Attack

Impact On Singapore Business amid Coronavirus Attack

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Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) set to hit businesses hard even as the global economy is reeling under multiple factors, causing a slowdown. It is as if the US-China trade war, which impacts the Singaporean economy due…

Top 5 Business Ideas That Captivated the Startups of Singapore

Top 5 Business Ideas That Captivated the Startups of Singapore

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Ideas make entrepreneurs. Starting a business is no feat. Starting a business that can sustain in the ultra-competitive market of today is a feat. And behind it goes many elements; the key among them is…

Latest Digital Marketing trends for Small business in 2020

Latest Digital Marketing trends for Small business in 2020

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Competition has gone global, and the methods businesses have been deploying to gain market share is undergoing a radical shift. The extreme change in marketing that not only are the conventional tools got increasingly dwarfed,…

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