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Shikha Sarkar

Shikha Sarkar

Shikha Sarkar, Director of Kit Kat Events & Marketing has more than 16 years of experience in international sales and marketing, and strong entrepreneurial skills, in-depth understanding of business, markets and customer needs. As the Ambassador of InterNations, a global expat network, Shikha supports a community of over 65,000 expats from 200 different countries living in Singapore. She loves adventure travel and wildlife photography.

Central Platform for SME Loan – A Step Forward

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The uptick in SMEs’ access to financing is getting better as per global data surveys of 2019. However, the commerce and construction sectors make up the prime share of SME loans, and both sectors are…

Women driving Global Leadership to New Heights

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By and large, women across the globe get projected as submissive, less competitive, less assertive, and incapable of good leadership. Yet, recent world statistics show the remarkable success of women leadership in every field. Women…

How Can Women get Back to Workforce?

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With a world that is slowly inching toward gender equality, women representation in the workplace has seen a significant rise. Pew Research Center estimated that as of today, women make up more than 40 percent…

Women at Work in SMEs – Stories from the Technology Industry

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It is estimated that by the end of 2025, women would add close to US$ 12 trillion to the annual global output. Southeast Asia could gain up to 30% of its current GDP at the…

Constant Upskilling & Re-Discovering yourself to Remain Relevant

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The world isn’t changing for the first time. First, the shift from an agrarian economy to industrial and then from industry to services, the only element that has remained constant is change. With the technological…

Top 7 Payment Gateway Options for SMEs in Singapore

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The world is, indeed, going digital. E-commerce is now the king, and any enterprise, big or small, cannot escape this change. More and more consumers prefer to hit the buttons of their computers and smartphones…

Are SMEs open to Work From Home concept on a long term basis?

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If there is one thing that has emerged as the talk of the town in the post-COVID-19 corporate world, it is the Work From Home (WFH) concept. Undeniably, economies around the world are reeling from…

Are Green Bonds part of Sustainability Journey?

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Various countries are taking the lead to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The essential part of SDGs is working towards environmental sustainability. Indeed, every country and all politicians want to…

How SMEs can collaborate with Larger Tech Companies to combat Economic Slowdown

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Slowdown or even recession in the Singaporean economy is no more a mere bad dream. Last year’s growth rate was the slowest in a decade, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has revised its…

Top 5 Video Calling Apps – The New Way of doing Business

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Video calling was prevalent in Singapore even before the onset of the disruptive coronavirus. But it was only after the city-state got compelled to stay confined to the indoors that video calling acquired new dimensions.…

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