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Purnima Madaan

Purnima Madaan

Purnima is a digital entrepreneur and likes to share her thoughts on business development and marketing. She likes to watch documentaries, read about customer psychology and review financial products. When she is not busy finding opportunities for her clients, she loves to indulge in fashion magazines and watch movies.

Top 7 Podcasts for Women Entrepreneur

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If anything, lockdown across the world has raised the popularity of podcasts. Many people have found a new love for genres that they never thought they would enjoy. For instance, true crime is a thing…

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code

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A famed innovator, Marc Andreessen, once said that the spread of the computers and the internet would eventually breakdown the jobs into two categories: One which will be awarded to people who can tell the…

Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs (below 18) Making Inroads to the World of Entrepreneurship

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The world is filled with incredible stories about how young people have changed the world. For instance, Greta Thunberg from Switzerland has found success in convincing the world leaders to take climate change seriously. The…

Women Entrepreneurship Tips: How to Give the Perfect Pitch?

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Statistics reveal that a mere fraction of women-owned businesses gets a chance to enjoy the venture capital backing. In 2017, women-led companies received a little over 2% of the total funding, while the rest were given to…

5 Most significant Stressors for Women Entrepreneurs and Ways to Combat

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The life of a woman entrepreneur revolves around three major elements: Personal Space, Work, and Home. If one of them goes haphazard, stress and negativity creeps onto her and pulls her into an abyss where…

Top 10 Inspiring Books for Women Business Owners – A Must Read

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Entrepreneurship is not a destination; it is a journey – filled with hardships and stress. To make it even more complicated, hundreds of challenges show up every day. Some of them get effortlessly resolved, while…

7 Steps to Deal with Fatigue at Workplace

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A little pressure at the workplace – whether working from home or at office, can help keep the employees busy and motivated throughout the day. However, when the pressure crosses a threshold, productivity meets its…

Why Looking Good Is Important for Working Women?

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The society has always regarded women as homemakers. In the past, it was challenging for women to break stereotypes at the workplace and emerge as leaders. However, with the current reforms and realizations, the role…

Top Women Associations to Join in Singapore to Build Your Network

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For a lot of young entrepreneurs, and even for many seasoned ones, networking can be a daunting task. After all, asking for someone’s attention, creating an impression, and building a network takes a lot of…

What is Womenomics and Should Businesses Adopt It?

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When an economy like Japan starts to focus on improving the role of women in economics, the strategy cannot be regarded as ‘wrong.’ Around the world, women are expected to stay at home and take…

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