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Neera Gupta

Neera Gupta

Neera Gupta is the Founder and Director of Kit Kat Events & Marketing. She has more than 13 years of experience in the Events industry with global companies such as AMEX, CWT, IQPC. Along with that Neera is TV host, Emcee, Champion Networker, Marketing Guru, Women Empowerment Ambassador, Charity worker and Author of a bestselling novel, ‘Careful What You Wish For’. Did we mention she is also a dentist!!!

Aradhna Dayal – Creating Global Partnership

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Asia as a region is transforming, and with that, as we all know, comes an acute need of ideas and capital to fuel this transformation. The first woman, well, in fact, the first person who…

Namrata Pandey – A Woman in the Man’s World

2016 1512 Neera Gupta

A strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, lets go, tries again, and perseveres… no matter what life throws at her.” SMEQuest had the opportunity to talk to one such woman, Namrata Pandey, the young, dynamic…

Gail Gibson – Step Up, Shake It Off & Shine – The Can Do Way

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Coaching people gives me a huge buzz and I feel privileged to be part of an individual’s journey of transformation. Witnessing change is an amazing life experience. Over the past 13 years I have been a…

Singapore GE 2020 – What’s in store for Businesses

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Singapore elections are around the corner, and the stakes are even higher. Multiple factors will shape the opinion of voters, and many of these are first-time-ever factors. One, there was never such a disruption in…

Home-Based Learning – Now a Big part of Singapore’s Education System

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Since we can remember, education has been about schools with classrooms, a dedicated curriculum for all grades, a system to conduct exams. Additionally, there have been learning and tuition centers of different levels for children…

Work From Home Culture – The New Normal

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We are aware of what remote working or work from home is, aren’t we? There are many reasons why remote working has gained traction. Commercial real estate prices have seen an upsurge worldwide even as…

The Story of The Other ‘Gates’- Melinda Gates

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The world knows about Bill Gates- the multi-billionaire founder of Microsoft, and one who has topped the list of the wealthiest people innumerable times. But if anyone would think that the partner of such rich…

The Incredibly Amazing Story Of A Talk Show Host – Oprah Winfrey

1630 955 Neera Gupta

She may not be as well-known in Asia as the likes of Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner, or Jennifer Aniston. Oprah Winfrey is, however, a personality to be looked upon, a force to reckon with, and…

Best Talent Management Tips for SMEs and Startups

Best Talent Management Tips for SMEs and Startups

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Transformation across industries, driven by technology adoption and paradigm shifts in working culture, and economic challenges have made it critical for Singapore’s workforce to stay ahead of the talent curve and keep upskilled to remain…

Top 5 inspiring success stories of Women Entrepreneur in Singapore

Top 5 inspiring success stories of Women Entrepreneur in Singapore

1280 905 Neera Gupta

Entrepreneurial spirit isn’t a gender-specific thing. Women possess the same potential as their male counterparts. In some cases have been able to demonstrate even higher competence is not only backed by science but also by…

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