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Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn Chai has been a content strategist and writer for the past 4yrs. When she is not writing, she prefers to be home, curled up listening to podcasts, or reading a book. She absolutely loves cafe hopping and all things related to food.

Top 5 Tips for Facebook Ads Marketing 2021

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There’s no use in coming up with the best products and services in the market — if you don’t know how to advertise them! When it comes to your business, Marketing and Ads are the…

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Finding A Co-Founder

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You’re thinking of starting a business. But before that, a big question needs to be answered. Should you find a co-founder? Finding a co-founder is no easy task, and it usually involves a lot of…

The 7 Best Business Movies To Watch for Any Entrepreneur

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Like everyone else, entrepreneurs deserve time to relax after working on their business. Instead of mindlessly scrolling your social media feed, why not take this opportunity to get some inspiration and feed your mind? Besides…

Small Changes in Lifestyle that make a Big Difference in Female Entrepreneurs’ Life

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Has it ever been your dream to start your own business or side hustle? Maybe, this could even flourish into something that is probably more profitable than your daytime job?  Well, gone are the days…

How to use YouTube for business?

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As the saying goes for the lives we live in our present-day climate – “you’re one click away from changing your life.” Social media has reigned the masses by storm with all that it has…

Top 7 Ways to Learn About Entrepreneurship

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Not everyone is born with all skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. But it isn’t right to say that one cannot learn these skills and develop the right mindset. By building the right skill…

What It Takes to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

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What we have seen in magazines are now what we see through an instant scroll on our screens. What people do, what people eat, their opinions, beauty routines, day-to-day activities, etc. You’d be surprised, in…

Eight Reasons why every business needs a Strong Website

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As time flies, businesses need to adapt themselves in accordance to the consumer behavior. Today, more and more people are moving online, searching for a local store to get their products and services. And in…

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Business Virus-Proof

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Businesses have been affected by harshly due to the spread of COVID-19. Everywhere you look, it may seem that your favorite store is closing down, or someone on your Facebook has been laid off from…

Top 5 Essential Tips for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

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Women Entrepreneurs have presented strong foothold in emerging business movements around the globe. Despite being overlooked by society for a long time, many women-led businesses have performed beyond expectations. Dating app Bumble is one of…

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