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Angelica Azofeifa

Angelica Azofeifa

She is a remote web content writer with a wide range of expertise collaborating with different startups. From writing blogs to customer success and project management, her background combines many years in the online corporate world with professional experience as a service provider. Ang is otherwise devoted to conscious theater-making, bike-riding, and gluten-free veganism.

The Different Stages of Startup Funding – Seed to Series C

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Funding a startup happens through different stages. That’s why it helps to think of startup funding as a process. And it’s crucial to know what makes up the different stages of startup funding, from seed to series C, to…

How Female Entrepreneurs can take the Lead in Singapore’s Startup Market in 2020

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According to Female Founders, businesses run by a woman executive team are more likely to have higher valuations. Yet, companies led by women CEOs are reported only to receive around 3 % of VC dollars. That’s…

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