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Sovina Taneja

Sovina Taneja

Sovina Taneja is a final year student at the University of Hong Kong. She majors in Food & Nutritional Science with a minor in Kinesiology. She has a keen interest in the field of Sustainability & Food Waste and also, keen on spreading awareness about its link to the private sector. When she is not working, you can find her at the dance class or soaking up some sun at the beach.

Top 5 Sustainable Business Strategies Singapore SMEs need to Adopt Quickly

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What is a Sustainable Business Strategy? Sustainability is one of the most wide-spread topics of discussion in the world today. Everyone wants to be a part of the movement that leads us to a better…

Zero-Waste Journey: Waste Management System in Singapore

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The Republic of Singapore discards over 700 million kilograms of plastic annually, with more than 90% that goes unrecycled into landfill. Putting this significant number into perspective, that’s enough to fill 15,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.…