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Did you know there are 180,000 SMEs in Singapore? Did you also know 99% of the Singapore’s companies are made up of SMEs? How about this…..65% of Singapore’s workforce is employed with SMEs? Now come Now comes our favorite one….almost 50% of Singapore’s …

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Singapore is synonymous with unparalleled, inclusive growth in Asia. The city-state ranks the highest among its Asian peers in the UN Human Development Index. The underdeveloped and developing economies in its vicinity have a lot to learn and replicate …

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Human Resource

In this challenging economic context, driving productivity for SMEs is key to a good bottom line. Not just operational productivity though, but also employee productivity – this can be an easily overlooked area. SMEs are eager to embrace the waves of digital ….

Sleeping Pods in offices - Pod-ssible or Not?

Sleeping Pods in offices – Pod-ssible or Not?

2250 1500 Neera Gupta

Getting a snooze in a workplace is once considered a taboo, but now, more and more companies are encouraging their workers to hit their snooze buttons–even when working.  How?  By introducing sleep pods to the company.  The pioneer of this idea, Google, has been placing them around the vicinity, allowing employees to doze off when…

Top 6 CBD Eateries Lunch Spots in Singapore

Top 6 CBD Eateries Lunch Spots in Singapore

1002 668 smequest

Concepts of healthy eating and wellness are growing rapidly in Singapore. Driven by a country-wide campaign against diabetes, whose prevalence in Singapore is one of the highest amongst developed nations, selection of healthier food products has gone up, and dietary habits are gradually improving amongst the population. Singapore diets now consist of more wholegrain, fruits…

Top 5 Sustainable Business Strategies Singapore SMEs need to Adopt Quickly

2252 1500 Sovina Taneja

What is a Sustainable Business Strategy? Sustainability is one of the most wide-spread topics of discussion in the world today. Everyone wants to be a part of the movement that leads us to a better and brighter future. You’ve heard the slogans about reducing your plastic waste and taking public transport to work. Of course,…

Five ways FinTech Solutions Are Helping SMEs

Five ways FinTech Solutions Are Helping SMEs

2250 1500 Vinod K. Pandita

Fintech solutions’ roots get traced back to the late 19th century. Since then, this industry has grown up. The previous decade observed a rapid growth in Fintech solutions. The trend is likely to be followed in the next decade as well due to the ease, functionality, and value it provides. This industry has become something…

Will Gender Pay Gap Ever End in Singapore?

Will Gender Pay Gap Ever End in Singapore?

1200 800 Purnima Madaan

In the middle of January ‘20, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore released a report concerning the gender pay gap in the country. While the report stated that the gender pay gap has increased slightly, it also noted that the ‘adjusted’ gender pay gap has improved as compared to the last year. Source: statsmomgov…

Enhancing a Healthy Work-Life Balance for SMEs Employees

Enhancing a Healthy Work-Life Balance for SMEs Employees

1280 811 smequest

There’s something that is making news lately, and it’s about lesser time spent by employees in their office. Microsoft Japan implemented what they call ‘4-day work week’, and the results are shocking, but at the same time, encouraging. Yes, you heard it right. The IT behemoth had reported that when employees were put off work…

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